Inputs (block 5)

Here you identify as many of the inputs as possible as well as their sources. Give rough estimates of what might be needed in weight or another suitable  unit in what delivery time frame. For example: Diesel, 50 Litres weekly. Milk, 10 litres /daily.

Again try to identify high level, the 20% of inputs that make up 80% of the total.

Add rough prices and volumes even if you have only a faint idea.

At this stage you can review your list of inputs to consider resilience aspects or you can come back and do that separately. Some questions:

  • What is the effect on natural eco-sytems of the inputs supply?
  • How likely are these supplies likely to be cut off if fossil fuel becomes less available?
  • Are there ways of getting these supplies from waste?
  • What alternative supplies are there that would decrease risk?

Cost estimates for Inputs go into column  3  of the objects table next to their category/units/frequency (column2).

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