An introduction to the Circular Economy

The spheres – lithosphere, biosphere, aquasphere and atmosphere are commons that we all need to take from to live, to return to ensure their full workings and to steward for coming generations. This video – a rough and ready version of a training coming later – gives you a quick but solid introduction to the whole area of circular economy. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Introducing the Commons Finance Canvas

How can we create alternatives to the current system that:

1. Protect collective resources, both material and immaterial, that require a lot of knowledge and know-how?
2. Develop social processes that foster and deepen thriving relationships?
3. Produces in, as Commoning expert Silke Helfrich calls it, a Commons-Creating Peer Economy, or Commons-Oriented Economy?

Commoning is less a noun than a verb because it is primarily about the social practices of commoning—acts of mutual support, conflict, negotiation, communication and experimentation that are needed to create systems to manage shared resources. This process blends production (self provisioning), governance, culture, and personal interests into one integrated system. Continue reading “Introducing the Commons Finance Canvas”