The local market place and volunteer time as a commons: THE 5P TRAINING

Recruiting to local enterprises

Economic progress has been uneven to say the least. People and the environment are still experiencing stresses even in countries with higher living standards. Could re-focussing the local economy be part of the answer? A regenerative local economy includes all citizens, recirculates money to ensure thriving local businesses and it works to ensure a sustainable use of resources. Seen this way, the local economy, a functioning local market and people’s time are part of the commons.

There is a lot to learn. You could organise presentations and lectures from experts. Another way to explore the potential of revitalizing the local economy is to simply simulate the experience to see how far a group of people can come. Continue reading “The local market place and volunteer time as a commons: THE 5P TRAINING”

An introduction to the Circular Economy

The spheres – lithosphere, biosphere, aquasphere and atmosphere are commons that we all need to take from to live, to return to ensure their full workings and to steward for coming generations. This video – a rough and ready version of a training coming later – gives you a quick but solid introduction to the whole area of circular economy. Let me know what you think in the comments!