Updating the Objects Template

When you have worked through the activities needed to produce the service your commons members will be enjoying, it is time to start some quantifying work, and here the Objects Template can be useful. You can download the template as a word file or create your own excel document. For smart budgeting purposes, you can have one excel sheet per Object group. If you do this on paper use sticky notes because there will probably be quite a bit of rearranging.

The left column (1) is for the object groups, remember 12 is a good maximum number for overview.
After you have listed the groups, connect them with the services they produce.
At this stage you can consider:
• Grouping objects under the service they generate (7)
• Handling overlap … where one object is involved in several services: this can get messy but completely in line with the idea of multi- functionally – objects having several roles which is a key permaculture principle.
• You can complete the rows for units of service(8) and if you worked them out earlier, add the annual volumes (9).
• Transfer the activities needed to produce the service to the template in column 4. Those activities that are bought in, (for example the services of a plumber) estimate the annual cost and put that in column (5)
• For activities that are commons-based, add the number of hours needed to carry out the activity (6)
• You can now add the inputs you identified earlier in column (2) and their annualized cost (3)
• Do a quick review to see if the exercise raises any questions to be transferred to the ”parked” paper or if there are any contradictions or other issues to be dealt with.
• It is now time to consider the final column, revenue, which is dealt with in the next block.